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Fence Staining

San Antonio Fence Staining

Are you a San Antonio homeowner? Is your property fenced? Good, solid fencing is useful for a number of reasons:

It marks off your property. With a lockable gate, it provides security at night. It allows toddlers and pets to enjoy the outdoors safely without fear of them wandering into the street.

But a weather-worn fence that’s rotting, falling down or has missing boards is an eyesore that doesn’t serve its intended purpose. And your neighbors won’t like it either.

Call the professionals at Stain Concepts!

We provide custom staining and preservation services to keep your fence standing tall and looking its best.  We offer a variety of colors that will make your fence complement your home.

Stain Concepts has proudly served San Antonio, the Hill Country, Bexar County and surrounding areas for more than 14 years. Our well-trained technicians are experts at fence staining, as demonstrated by our favorable reviews on Angi, Facebook and Google. Call us at (210) 426-2230 to make an appointment to see samples in our showroom.

Our Fence Staining Application Process

  1. Stain Concepts assesses the fence and its condition to determine the type of preparation process necessary.
  2. Stain or dye (many color options) is applied to the wood’s surface.
  3. Topcoat is applied. This is a high-end topcoat that protects the wood from stains and the weather and locks in the color.