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San Antonio Epoxy Floors in Garage

San Antonio Epoxy Floors Installers

Stain Concepts specializes in epoxy floor coating in San Antonio, TX. This gives your concrete garage or other recreational floors a showroom-like finish. Our epoxy flooring treatment provides a long-lasting, high-quality coating. Epoxy floor coatings are perfect for garages, warehouses, and airplane hangars. They are also a great solution for industrial kitchens, laundry rooms, covered patios, and more. Contact us today!

San Antonio Garage Epoxy Floors

San Antonio Garage epoxy floors are low maintenance because they are the easiest floor to keep clean. Therefore, your epoxy-coated garage floor in San Antonio TX will be oil, dirt, acid, and chemical-resistant. Additionally, spills can also be wiped off easily with a damp cloth. Lastly, epoxy is a long-lasting finish that will hide existing stains and give a fresh look to your garage.
San Antonio Epoxy Floors

San Antonio Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Interior spaces will take on a gleaming new look with metallic epoxy flooring. The shiny reflective flooring gives a unique, dimensional, high-end look and is available in various colors and styles. Additionally, metallic epoxy is a long-lasting coating that will give an updated finish to any room.

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Application Process for Epoxy Floors

1. Stain Concepts, located in San Antonio TX, does a complete preparation process to the concrete before applying epoxy.
2. Epoxy and flake are applied (many color options available).
3. Then, the topcoat is applied to the epoxy floor. This is a high-end non-slip topcoat for the epoxy floor that protects the surface from oil and staining.

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